About Me

BSA_022_8411I’m a volcanologist who takes an interdisciplinary approach to volcano research. My research focusses on volcano-stratigraphy and hazardous volcanic flows, such as pyroclastic density currents and lahars. I have an interest in social-historical volcanology and volcano-science communication. All this drives towards understanding how communities may be affected by volcanic eruptions past, present and future.

I am a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Authority and am a member of the Advisory Board for the Earth Science, Environmental Science and Environmental Studies QAA Subject Benchmark. I have expertise in student experience, inclusive curriculum design and how geoscience education can meet the Sustainable Development Goals. I work towards improving equality, diversity and inclusivity in Earth Science. I’m developing a research interest in how the historical roots of geology have led to the inequities in our discipline today.

I’m the Associate Dean for Student Experience and Senior Lecturer at the University of Hull. I’m the PI of the Catastrophic Flows Research Cluster, founder of the VOICES (Volcanoes In Communication, Engagement & Society) Group. I currently lead GeoCoLab, a response to the 2021 NERC Digital Technologies to open up environmental sciences Hackathon. I teach on the Geology and Geography degree programmes, particularly geohazards, volcanology, igneous petrology and geological mapping.

You can view and download my CV here (current February 2022).